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About Sikpipes!

Tyler has been in the industry of producing Sik and otherwise gnarly pipes for over 10 years. As a boy he started with a pw50 dirt bike and hasn't quit since. Sikpipes started out in Tyler's garage, where he singlehandedly began building what would become one of America's premier custom aftermarket exhaust pipe shops. Out growing that shop in the first couple of years him and his small team built a new shop to accommodate for bigger and better equipment and the vastly higher demand for the product. Now, he has 4 team members whose responsibilities range from wife to lead fabricator.

Tyler got the opportunity to learn metal fabrication skills and welding from some awesome guys years ago. Endeavoring to sharpen his skills on a daily basis and widen his range of abilities allows him to produce gnarlier and more badass parts with each passing year! He is hopeful that one day his son Brody will follow in his footsteps and make the worlds most gnarly pipes.

Tyler considers himself lucky to build pipes and custom parts for bikes everyday. It's not a job but a passion, so he puts his blood sweat and gears into it. Our main focus here at Sikpipes is exhaust systems. However we also build bikes from the ground up and fabricate a number of different parts for motorcycles.

Working closely with customers is our flagship service and our favorite part of the product! This type of custom exhaust system requires fully understanding the customers needs. When filling out the purchasing form, be as specific as possible. This will ensure that your new Sikpipes aren't matched by any other set on the streets.

We keep our prices ultra affordable prices so everyday working class bikers can afford such a premium and beautiful product. Our mission is to fill the America with loud and beautiful bike exhaust sounds coming from the most insanely awesome custom exhaust pipes the world has ever known!